Smart Beauty Blockchain Project

As the global beauty market continues to grow,
the global waxing and hair removal market is also growing rapidly.
  • Expected to increase by about
    $320 million over the next 4 years

  • In the case of the United States
    and Europe, demand exceeded 90%,
    proving the popular value of waxing

  • Globally, men’s interest in waxing is
    constantly increasing,
    and as a result of this, the total size
    of the waxing market has grown by
    1,080% over the past two years

Absence of an integrated beauty platform useful in real life
Problems with prepaid beauty membership

CHICA is a Smart Beauty Blockchain Project led by ‘MJ BOUTIQUE,’ a specialized beauty company. It is a new Reward Solution aimed at resolving existing market issues.

Project Goal of CHICA

CHICA’s Unique Rewards service

  • Build a powerful platform as a medium that connects consumers and affiliates.

  • Strategic new partnership promotion planning and advertising through the CHICA platform.

  • Collaboration with existing brands provides various rewards and benefits.

CHICA Membership

CHICA coin can be used for waxing, nail art, skin care, and
beauty services at partner companies and affiliates.
By providing NFT and membership rewards to members,
the effect of attracting new members and increasing brand loyalty is created.


There is no need to search for events and promotions.

We provide full use of affiliated and partner services, exclusive benefits, rewards, and various collaboration events for new membership subscribers.
Enjoy the stable and advanced service of the CHICA Platform.

CHICA Expandability

Sustainable growth of
all members and partners.

Finding continuous alliances and partners. Development of point conversion station, CHICA mainnet, and external linked SDK. Providing data-based marketing solutions.


Roadmap of CHICA

Token Economy